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Arkansas man in murder case has probation violation history

One of two men suspected in an Oct. 18 homicide was detained and charged with capital murder. The other individual is still at large. The 23-year-old man in custody is a Little Rock resident and reportedly has had previous problems with the law, including probation violations. Reports indicate that the man was in violation of his probation at the time of the alleged homicide.

According to reports, a petition was filed this year for revocation of the man's probation. His record allegedly demonstrates a serious history of drug-related issues. The initial drug charges for the man date to 2011 when he was charged with felony possession of marijuana and cocaine. His probation was revoked a year earlier for violations. State officials indicate that because the jail system is crowded, only violent offenders are being taken in. This crowded system is credited as one of the reasons that the man in question never actually spent time in jail; his prior incidents were not violent in nature.

Arkansas amends parole laws

Arkansas has amended its parole eligibility laws for criminals convicted of certain types of violent crimes. The amended law applies to persons found guilty of particular types of homicide, sexual assault, kidnapping and other major crimes. The changes to the law are designed to make it more difficult for sex offenders to obtain parole.

Arkansas law states that certain types of criminals are eligible for mandatory parole upon meeting various criteria set forth by statute. A second section allows persons convicted of more serious crimes to become eligible for discretionary parole if they meet the law's requirements. If parole is discretionary, the Parole Board determines whether parole will be granted.

Arkansas law on child pornography

Arkansas law outlines what constitutes child pornography and the offense a person may be charged with if they are aware of child pornography and fail to report it to the proper authorities. Child pornography can be transferred via devices such as computers and cellphones, but it is important to ascertain whether an accused individual knowingly received or possessed sexually explicit content involving a child.

It is illegal to knowingly possess or view anything that contains images of a child engaging in sexual conduct. This can include photographs, videos, video games or computer-generated images. It is also illegal to sell or otherwise distribute by publishing, gifting or lending these kinds of images.

Arkansas man faces charges in connection with dead realtor

On Sept. 30, police detained a 33-year-old man accused of killing a 49-year-old real estate agent in Little Rock. Reportedly, the man admitted to kidnapping the 49-year-old woman but did not say where she was. Law enforcement officials charged him with kidnapping and held him in custody while the investigation into the case continues.

According to authorities, the woman's body was eventually found at the Lonoke County line. Her husband first reported the woman missing on Sept. 25, when she did not return home after showing a house on Old River Road. Upon arriving at the property, the husband found his wife's car with her belongings still inside, authorities reported.

Arkansas drug bust leads to 49 individuals detained

According to reports, 49 people were taken into custody after an 18-month investigation into a large-scale drug trafficking organization. The investigation was dubbed Operation Ice Storm and was a joint investigation involving local authorities and the Drug Enforcement Agency. According to authorities, 10 of those involved in the trafficking were already in custody on other charges.

As part of the investigation, the DEA and the 20th Judicial Drug Task Force investigation used undercover operations. More than six pounds of methamphetamine were allegedly purchased from the Jeffery Weaver drug trafficking organization. In addition to drugs, 52 guns were reportedly seized. Authorities believe that the defendants sold or were in possession of up to 300 pounds of the controlled substance.

Major drug bust leads to 22 arrests

According to a press release issued by a U.S. attorney on Sept. 16, several police departments from Arkansas and FBI agents collaborated on a drug trafficking investigation that resulted in 22 arrests. Approximately 20 individuals were apprehended in the Little Rock area while the other two people were detained in two different states; three additional people are reportedly at large. The drug bust led to 62 counts of drug charges.

In January 2013, law enforcement officials reportedly began to investigate a Little Rock auto shop that they believed was involved in drug trafficking. Authorities allegedly discovered more than 165 pounds of marijuana, 1.75 kilos of cocaine and nine ounces of crack cocaine. Officers also seized approximately 20 vehicles from the auto shop and $35,000 of alleged drug proceeds from bank accounts.

Arkansas man accused of selling drugs to juveniles

A 61-year-old Arkansas man was taken into police custody on Sept. 11 after authorities executed a search warrant at the man's residence. The man was accused of being involved in the selling of narcotics to underage individuals at his home.

It was stated that several leads led investigators to the accused man, who they then investigated for approximately one month. Authorities then obtained a search warrant, which was served Sept. 11. During the execution of the search warrant, the authorities claimed that they seized narcotics, firearms and cash. At this point, the man was then taken into custody.

Woman accused of writing fake medical prescriptions

An Arkansas woman has been accused of writing fraudulent prescriptions while employed by Otolaryngology and Facial Surgery Centre in Jonesboro. The prescriptions were reportedly written for the benefit of the accused woman, her boyfriend and four other people. Five different pharmacies in Jonesboro and one pharmacy in Paragould were reportedly used to fill the phony prescriptions.

Police say the investigation into the alleged fraud began on Sept. 3 after a doctor at OFSC was contacted for verification of a prescription. A pharmacy clerk had apparently become suspicious after a man attempted to pick up a refill for a prescription that was not due for a refill. When the clerk contacted OFSC, it was allegedly determined that the man's prescription had been forged.

Teacher charged in alleged child sexual abuse case

In the case of sex crimes that allegedly occur against minors, there are always two sides to every story. Often, an allegation is made, and it proves to be groundless. Other times, the accusation must go before the court and be tried in front of a judge or jury.

A teacher had been accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. She is 41 years old. The parents of the youth contacted to authorities after they found text messages that they thought may be inappropriate that had come from the teacher.

Drug charges lead to arrest for 3 in Arkansas

Drug charges are often hard to fight because the police in Arkansas do undercover work and often investigate thoroughly before an arrest is made.

In Arkansas, there was a spate of arrests that took place this week. Two people were arrested for drug trafficking and a third person was arrested for prescription fraud. These arrests were made by the Columbus County, Arkansas, sheriff's office.

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